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The first-party data strategy you need in 2023 by Cynthia Ramsaran

Posted by admin on 2023/02/21 at 8:14 pm

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, businesses worldwide face lots of uncertainty. One thing will remain constant throughout this period — customers expect excellent experiences when interacting with a brand. According to Acquia’s latest CX Report, businesses plan to prioritize customer retention over the next 12 months: 56% plan to improve customer experience, and 58% will focus more on customer service.

Cost-Per-Hour Masthead placements: YouTube’s latest offering

Posted by admin on 2023/02/08 at 6:30 pm

With its new Cost-Per-Hour Masthead, YouTube is giving brands and advertisers the ability to buy its most visible placement during the hour(s) leading up to, during or after priority moments such as a sports game or movie release. What they look like. Here’s what a Masthead ad looks like on a desktop or PC

Missing links: Where are sources in Google’s AI search results?

Posted by admin on 2023/02/07 at 9:09 pm

Google’s introduction of Bard yesterday was huge news. But perhaps the bigger news for SEOs was the preview of Google’s generative AI search results, which featured a grand total of zero links. That’s right.

Google Search podcast carousel going away on February 13

Posted by admin on 2023/02/07 at 1:12 pm

Google will be removing the podcast carousel fully from Google Search on February 13, 2023. There is a notice in the Google Podcast Manager about the podcast carousel going away. The notice.

Search Engine Land Awards 2022: Complete finalists list

Posted by admin on 2022/10/13 at 10:00 am

NP Digital leads the way in the 2022 Search Engine Land Awards – the U.S.

Walmart is expanding their self-service Marketplace platform

Posted by admin on 2022/09/14 at 6:38 pm

Walmart Connect, the retailer’s marketplace media platform, is expanding and making it easier for advertisers and brands to promote their products by introducing self-service. Introducing Search Brand Amplifier.

Register now for Zeta Live 2022

Posted by admin on 2022/08/30 at 11:00 am

Zeta Live is back on Thursday, September 29th, live streamed globally. Following a successful inaugural year, we’re going bigger and better. Join us as we explore how today’s creativity and micro-moments throughout the consumer journey are shaping disruptive macro movements across tomorrow’s digital economy and marketing ecosystem.

4 proven methods to improve Google RSA conversion rates

Posted by admin on 2022/06/09 at 10:00 am

As machine learning seizes yet another opportunity to beat out human capabilities, Google Ads is officially retiring Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) on June 30. The simple days of three headlines and two descriptions will be replaced by mix-and-match opportunities of up to 15 headlines and four descriptions.

This is Lindsay, my force of a human

Posted by admin on 2021/08/04 at 1:16 pm

I wanted to write a bit about my partner Lindsay Aranoff and why I’m so grateful we found each other. I could talk about the stuff you could discover from the internet (inaugural Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum, curator of a TEDxKids event in Canada, co-founder of a company with the CTO of Amazon), but you could find all that out yourself. Lindsay looks for the chance to fight for the underdog and people that have less power

All the Fitbit activity badges

Posted by admin on 2019/10/21 at 3:06 am

Fitbit has discontinued their Fitbit One step trackers, which seems like a good opportunity to step back and reflect on wearing one for the last decade or so. I’ve enjoyed using Fitbit trackers, but the One devices seemed like they broke down way too often.