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Bing Webmaster Tools Notifications & Insights Bug Fixed

Published on 2024/05/01 By admin

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft confirmed Microsoft has fixed a bug with Bing Webmaster Tools showing inaccurate and/or irrelevant notifications in the notifications and insights section.

Bing Webmaster Tools Tells You When Your Inbound Links Are Inadequate

Published on 2024/03/13 By admin

Last week, Bing Webmaster Tools introduced top SEO insights that give you some SEO tips for your site. It even tells you when you don’t have enough good links pointing to your site. Bing can show a message that reads, “Inadequate inbound links from high quality domains.”

Bingbot Supports Brotli Compression

Published on 2024/03/13 By admin

Bingbot is now rolling out Brotli compression for its web crawler, Bingbot. Fabrice Canel from Microsoft said on X that Bing “enabled it on a small percentage of URLs crawled each day, and we’ll gradually increase traffic throughout this spring.”

New Bing Webmaster Tools IndexNow Insights & Top SEO Insights

Published on 2024/03/06 By admin

Microsoft updated Bing Webmaster Tools to build out the IndexNow reports, now named IndexNow Insights, add new Top SEO Insights to the main page and also cleaned up the side bar navigation within the tool. Plus, Fabrice Canel announced how IndexNow has grown to over 2.5 billion submitted URLs.

Bing May Now Use AI To Write Your Snippets With AI-Generated Captions

Published on 2023/11/17 By admin

Bing announced this week that it may use AI to create your snippets. Bing is calling this “Generative AI Captions” and if Bing uses AI for your snippet, it will label it as such.

Bing Webmaster Tools Comprehensive Performance Insights Reports

Published on 2023/10/18 By admin

Microsoft Bing is now sending out new emails through Bing Webmaster Tools named “Comprehensive Performance Insights Reports.” These are reports that show you how your site is performing in Bing Search.

IndexNow Added To Wix

Published on 2023/09/29 By admin

Wix now supports IndexNow, the Microsoft initiative to make indexing more efficient and faster.

Bing Offers Methods To Block Bing Chat From Using Your Content

Published on 2023/09/26 By admin

Bing decided not to wait for the alternative approach to a robots.txt method for blocking AI tools from using your content and decided to go with what is out there now, meta tag approaches. Bing will continue to work with the rest of the AI community to come up with solutions but for now, since Bing Chat is out there, Bing is offering site owners these options.

Bing adds controls for webmasters to disallow their content in Bing Chat

Published on 2023/09/22 By admin

Bing has announced a set of new controls to allow webmasters and site owners to block Bing Chat from using its content for AI training and Microsoft’s generative AI models.

Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report Update Gets New Data But Bing Chat Data Hidden

Published on 2023/09/22 By admin

I am excited but also feel let down that the new Bing Webmaster Tools Performance report gained all these new sources of data, including Bing Chat, but the only one you cannot filter on is Bing Chat. We got Bing Images, Bing Videos, Bing News, Bing Knowledge filters, but Bing Chat is combined with Web Search.