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Google: Automatic updates for condition starting June 26

Published on 2022/06/01 By admin

Later this month Google will roll out a change to the condition attribute for shopping ads.

Google Shopping Provides New Promotion & Deals Features

Published on 2021/07/23 By admin

Google announced a number of new Google Shopping features across both Google Ads and free Merchant Center to help merchants enhance and showcase their promotions, deals and sales in Google Search. Google said the company is making it easier for you to showcase your promotions across more surfaces on Google, customize your seasonal promotions and make better merchandising decisions

New Google Ads Three Strikes And Your Out Policy

Published on 2021/07/22 By admin

Google Ads is instituting a new three-strikes and your out policy starting in September 2021. Starting in September, Google will issue a warning and then up to three-strikes for violations of Google’s Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances and Dangerous Products or Services policies. After the third strike, your account can be suspended.

Google Hotel Search Ads With Images

Published on 2021/07/20 By admin

It looks like Google is now testing shows image extensions in the Google Hotel Ads. Lluc B.

Google Ads Signal Label Indicates Optimized Targeting Is Enabled

Published on 2021/07/16 By admin

Earlier this week, Brett Bodofsky spotted a label in the Google Ads demographics tab that said “signal.” He wasn’t sure what it was, and honestly, it seems no one else was either. So we asked Ginny Marvin of Google what it means and she said “it indicates optimized targeting is enabled.”

Easier To Create Sub-Manager Accounts In Google Ads

Published on 2021/07/15 By admin

Google Ads announced that it is now easier to create sub-manager accounts. You can now create these sub-manager accounts from within your existing manager accounts, in addition to where you created them before

Google Tightens Policies For Financial Services Ads In UK

Published on 2021/07/02 By admin

Google announced it will tighten its policies for Financial Services advertisers targeting searchers and consumers in the UK. The policy will be fully published on August 30, 2021 and then seven days later it will be enforced, on September 6, 2021.

Google Ads API Migrate Your Feed-Based Extensions To Asset-Based Extensions

Published on 2021/07/01 By admin

Google is telling those who used the Google Ads API to make sure to migrate the Feed-based extensions to supported Asset-based extensions soon. I believe the deadline will be October 20, 2021. Also, Google announced the new {extensionid} ValueTrack parameter will be available beginning June 24, 2021

Google Ads Is Deprecating Broad Match Modifier (BMM) Keywords In Late July

Published on 2021/06/30 By admin

Google announced that by the end of July 2021 it will be deprecating the broad match modifier (BMM) keywords. That means you will no longer be able to create new BMM keywords with the +keyword notation.

Google Ads Creative Studio – One Location To Create Your Video, Display and Audio Ads

Published on 2021/06/26 By admin

This week, Google launched a new location, a singular location, to create and build your video, display and audio ads. This is called the Ads Creative Studio and it brings together a number of Google tools previously found across products like YouTube, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360