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Here’s What Healthcare Marketers Must Know in 2024

Published on 2024/06/10 By admin

To say the past few years have been volatile for the healthcare industry would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic virtually transformed how medical care is administered overnight, in ways that have proven more lasting than anyone could have anticipated.  As the healthcare industry continues to undergo seismic changes, healthcare marketing trends naturally follow suit.  Between lingering impacts of COVID-19, the rise of AI, data challenges, controversial interpretations of HIPAA compliance laws, and aggressive mergers and acquisitions by major companies, healthcare marketing’s evolution in 2024 will continue apace.

Here’s How You Can Get More SEO Juice Out of Your Blog

Published on 2024/05/28 By admin

Blogs have seemingly lost much of their luster in the content strategy world. But according to the latest CMI benchmark report , they still represent the second-most common platform for distributing content, used by 78% of respondents.

Top SEO Strategies for Lead Generation

Published on 2024/05/22 By admin

One of the most common arguments against investing in Search Engine Optimization is that the practice doesn’t impact the bottom line enough.

How to Check Your Website’s SEO Rankings (and Improve Them)

Published on 2024/05/15 By admin

Building a data-informed search engine optimization strategy is critical for every brand. But before you can start improving your site’s SEO, you’ll have to learn how to monitor your website’s SEO rankings in the first place

How to Build a Winning YouTube SEO Strategy

Published on 2024/05/13 By admin

What’s the second most-used search engine in the world? Nope, not Bing.

5 Reasons Why a Content Audit Is Useful

Published on 2024/04/08 By admin

If you’re wondering how to move the needle on your website’s performance in search, conducting an SEO content audit is an essential first step.  This systematic review serves as a comprehensive health check for your brand’s online presence, surfacing issues that may be impeding your visibility and uncovering opportunities to make fast gains. There’s a reason why, according to research from Semrush , 61% of marketers conduct content audits two or more times per year . Actually, there are several reasons! What is the purpose of a content audit

Conducting an SEO Content Audit

Published on 2024/04/01 By admin

If your organization has been publishing content for many years, chances are your website has more content than you can keep track of. This makes managing a content strategy harder than it needs to be.

What Marketers Need to Know About the Latest Google Algorithm Update (March 2024)

Published on 2024/03/27 By admin

The latest update to Google’s algorithm has potentially major implications for brands and marketers who are focused on showing up for their audiences in search. As with many recent updates, this one is designed to surface genuinely helpful results that align with search intent

Age of SGE: How Will AI Affect Search Traffic in the Next Decade?

Published on 2024/03/18 By admin

Ever since advancements in technology thrust generative AI into the public consciousness, it’s been the subject of unending controversy. Much of this controversy centers on its potential impact on the internet, with some news outlets and experts going so far as to describe it in near-apocalyptic terms.  “ AI is killing the internet ” became a common refrain in those early days, speaking to the dread and apprehension being felt regarding its disruption to the way things have been done online

Why You Need a Keyword Strategy and How to Create One

Published on 2024/03/13 By admin

Trying to build an SEO strategy without a keyword strategy is like trying to build a plane without wings. It’s going nowhere.