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Bing adds controls for webmasters to disallow their content in Bing Chat

Published on 2023/09/22 By admin

Bing has announced a set of new controls to allow webmasters and site owners to block Bing Chat from using its content for AI training and Microsoft’s generative AI models.

Bing Chat now works on Chrome, Google’s browser

Published on 2023/08/28 By admin

Bing Chat now works in Chrome, Google’s web browser. Microsoft initially launched Bing Chat to work only on its own browser, Edge. Then Microsoft began testing Bing Chat support on other browsers, such as Chrome and Safari, but it was not fully available to all users.

Bing Chat data may never come to Bing Webmaster Tools

Published on 2023/08/22 By admin

Microsoft told us that we should expect Bing Chat

The new Bing has failed to take any market share from Google after six months

Published on 2023/08/17 By admin

It’s been just over six months since the new AI-powered Bing with Bing Chat launched – but its overall search engine market share remains virtually unchanged globally and in the U.S. Why we care

New York Times: Don’t use our content to train AI systems

Published on 2023/08/10 By admin

Although Google wants all online content available for AI training , the New York Times clearly wants to opt out. The Times has changed its terms of service, aiming to prevent AI companies from using the media organization’s content to train their systems. Why we care.

From SERPs to CHERPs: Why generative AI results need their own name

Published on 2023/08/08 By admin

Search results are not chat results.

Bing Search and Bing Chat officially rolling out dark mode

Published on 2023/07/26 By admin

Microsoft has begun to officially roll out dark mode for Bing Search and Bing Chat. We reported this was coming , along with support for Bing Chat in Chrome and Safari browsers . Microsoft’s Jordi Ribas posted on Twitter “We are starting to roll out desktop dark mode for Bing over the next few days.” What dark mode looks like in Bing Search.

Bing Chat not yet available on Chrome or Safari browsers

Published on 2023/07/25 By admin

Bing Chat will be coming to Chrome and Safari browsers, leaving behind the requirement to install Edge, Microsoft’s browser, to use Bing Chat. Bing has been testing Bing Chat on for a few weeks now and Bing is still testing it. What we know.

Visual Search now live in Bing Chat

Published on 2023/07/18 By admin

Bing Chat now supports visual search, which means you can now upload a photo or take a picture and have Bing Chat respond with answers around those visuals. “Visual Search in Bing Chat is rolling out now on desktop and mobile,” Microsoft Bing posted on its blog. What it looks like

ChatGPT Browse with Bing temporarily disabled

Published on 2023/07/04 By admin

Open AI has disabled the Bing search feature it has added to its ChatGPT AI service. “We’ve disabled the Browse with Bing beta feature out of an abundance of caution while we fix this in order to do right by content owners,” Open AI posted