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Google’s Total Eclipse 2024 Doodle

Published on 2024/04/08 By admin

Today is the total solar eclipse and while we know about the neat Google Search solar eclipse easter egg, today, Google has a special Doodle for the total eclipse of 2024.

Google’s New Year’s Eve 2023 Doodle Is Shiny

Published on 2023/12/31 By admin

Google’s Google’s New Year’s Eve doodle for 2023 is live in some regions and will be live in New York in the next five hours or so. If you want a sneak peek at it early, here it is.

Happy Thanksgiving: Google’s History of Thanksgiving Doodle

Published on 2023/11/23 By admin

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and to celebrate the holiday, I will not be posting news today.

Google’s 25th Birthday Doodle Shows Some Of The Early Google Logos

Published on 2023/09/27 By admin

Today is Google’s official 25th birthday and to celebrate Google has a special Doodle that showcases some of Google’s early Google logos. Google wrote, “Let’s take a walk down memory lane to learn how we were born 25 years ago…”

Google Home Page On Memorial Day

Published on 2023/05/29 By admin

Today, like previous years, Google has posted a grayed-out logo and a small US flag, to commemorate Memorial Day in the US.

Google Labor Day Logo 2022

Published on 2022/09/05 By admin

Today is Labor day in the United States and in Canada and to celebrate the laborers’ work and contributions to their states, Google has a Doodle. The Doodle showcases plumbers, farmers, painters, bakers, handy workers, and delivery folks.

Google Doodle For James Webb Space Telescope – Deepest Photo Of Universe

Published on 2022/07/12 By admin

Google has posted a new Doodle, Google logo, on its home page of the James Webb Space Telescope, for it taking the deepest photo of the universe ever taken.

Happy Fourth of July Search Industry

Published on 2022/07/04 By admin

Wishing you all a happy Happy Fourth of July, as you can see, this site is all dressed up for the day (on desktop) and Google has their special animated Doodle. I’d embed the Bing theme but I was once threatened with a lawsuit for doing that (not by Microsoft but one of those image legal companies).

Google Juneteenth Doodle Replaced Father’s Day Logo

Published on 2022/06/19 By admin

Today is both Father’s Day and Juneteenth and Google had both logos on its home page for the day. Google first placed the Father’s Day logo up on Google.com early this morning and for some yesterday. Then Google later on today, June 19th, replaced the Father’s Day Doodle with the Juneteenth Doodle

Google Winter Season Doodle

Published on 2021/12/22 By admin

Today is the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and for it, Google has this hedgehog walking through the snow. But did you know the hedgehog’s sibling is also in the Southern Hemisphere walking through the beaches with a first day of Summer Doodle?