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Google AdSense Will Not Change Minimum Reporting Thresholds

Published on 2024/05/16 By admin

Google AdSense planned on changing the minimum reporting thresholds for Custom Channels and Search Styles to 100 clicks per day on May 15th. But Google sent an email to AdSense publishers that it will not make those changes.

Google AdSense Has Removed Privacy Policy As Place To Withdraw Consent

Published on 2024/05/03 By admin

Google AdSense has removed reference to your privacy policy as a place to withdraw consent. AdSense now has clarified that the revocation link at the bottom of the page should say “Privacy and cookie settings”.

Google AdSense New Ad Intents Formats – Links & Anchors In Content

Published on 2024/04/16 By admin

Google AdSense announced a new auto ads format named “Ad intents.” Ad intents places links and anchors showing organic search results with ads into existing text and pages on your site related to your content. Yea, it takes your content, and hyperlinks it to the Google search results.

Google AdSense Publishers Reporting Huge RPM Earnings Drops

Published on 2024/04/15 By admin

Many Google AdSense publishers have been reporting massive declines in their earnings and RPMs (page revenue per thousand impressions) since late February. This comes a couple of weeks after we reported the switch from CPC to CPM bidding in AdSense did not have a negative revenue result for publishers.

New Site Level Approvals For AdSense for Search (AFS) Sites

Published on 2024/03/07 By admin

Google is getting serious with where their ads show since all the bad PR and now Google AdSense is requiring new site-level approval process for AdSense for Search (AFS) sites.

Google AdSense Offerwall Messages (Beta)

Published on 2024/03/01 By admin

For the past year or more, Google AdSense (and Ad Manager) has this feature named Offerwall messages (Beta). Google AdSense has recently pushed it more via the AdSense console interface and more publishers are noticing it.

Google Analytics 4 Subproperties Now Integrates With AdSense

Published on 2023/12/19 By admin

Google announced additional integration support between Google Analytics 4 and AdSense. Google originally added integration in June 2023 between GA4 and AdSense but now “if you’re using GA4 subproperties or roll-up properties, you can establish links between those properties and AdSense accounts independently from the source properties,” Google said.

Google Search Ads For Publishers (i.e. AdSense, etc) To Enforce Consent Management Requirements

Published on 2023/12/18 By admin

Google announced late on Friday that starting on February 1, 2024, it will start to enforce the consent management requirements for Google Search Ads publisher products, such as AdSense for Search, AdSense for Domains, and Programmable Search Engine.

AdSense for Search To Stop Serving Over Google, Ad Personalization Deprecating

Published on 2023/11/06 By admin

Google announced late on Friday that AdSense for Search (AFS), AdSense for Shopping (AFSh), and Programmable Search Engine (ProSE) will stop serving ads over google.com and this will also mean that ad personalization will be deprecated for these products because Google cookies will no longer be available to them.

Google AdSense Payment Revenue Share Structure To Change & Impression Payments Coming

Published on 2023/11/03 By admin

Google has big AdSense news, which it says won’t result in a change to how much publishers get paid.