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Google Ads AI Summaries Live For Some Advertisers

Published on 2024/05/17 By admin

Google Ads continues to roll out AI features within the advertiser console.

Google Local Service Ads Tests Message Multiple Businesses

Published on 2024/05/16 By admin

Google is testing a new button for the Local Service Ads to “message multiple businesses” instead of just messaging one business at a time.

Google Ads To Change Functionality For Suspended Accounts

Published on 2024/05/14 By admin

Google announced and emailed advertisers that they are changing the functionality of Google Ads accounts that are suspended. These changes go into effect in June 2024 and will limited what suspended accounts can do in Google Ads.

Google Ads Updates Disclosure Policy For Event Ticket Sale

Published on 2024/05/13 By admin

Google Ads will be modifying its disclosure policy for event ticket sale. The update will say that the “disclosures should be easily visible and clearly explained in the top 20% (above the fold) of any destination when reached via an ad.”

Google: Proximity Not A Relevancy Factor For Local Service Ads

Published on 2024/05/10 By admin

Google has updated its Local Services Ads help document on ad rankings to remove the line around “proximity to potential customers’ locations” is a ranking factor for those ads. Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, said the document was updated but there was no recent or “sudden change to ranking considerations” to LSA rankings or positions.

Google Analytics Gains Google Ads Conversion Performance Beta

Published on 2024/05/09 By admin

Google Analytics has a new beta Google Ads report named “conversion performance.” This is a beta feature right now, so you might not be able to see it.

Google Ads New Performance Max For Marketplaces

Published on 2024/05/07 By admin

Google Ads has launched Performance Max for Marketplaces. This is designed to help you sell your goods or services on specific marketplaces using Performance Max.

Rumors Of Google Auditing 25% Of Google Ads Are False

Published on 2024/05/07 By admin

The Google Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin, said the rumors of Google auditing 25% of Google Ads accounts are false. She wrote, “The rumor about Google auditing 25% of Google Ads accounts on 1 May is inaccurate.”

Google Ads To Automatically Pause Low-Activity Keywords Next Month

Published on 2024/05/02 By admin

Google Ads will automatically pause low-activity keywords starting in June 2024. That means campaigns with keywords that were created over 13 months ago and have zero impressions over the past 13 months will be paused.

Google Ads To Disallow Services For Deepfake Sexual Content

Published on 2024/05/02 By admin

Google Ads, Shopping Ads, Admob, and other Google Ads products will soon disallow deepfake sexual content, synthetic sexually explicit content, or synthetic content containing nudity services. I mean, this seems like something they should have disallowed before, but now any tool or service that is around these types of content will be disallowed.