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Google Ad Revenue Up 13% & Bing Ads Revenue Up 12%

Published on 2024/04/26 By admin

Google and Microsoft both reported very good earnings, driving both stock prices up after hours. I like to dive into the ad revenue side, and it looks like Google Ad revenue was up 13% from last year and Microsoft Advertising revenue was up 12% from last year.

Google Threatens California: Tests Removing Links To Publishers & Pauses Investments

Published on 2024/04/15 By admin

On Friday, Google responded to a pending bill in the California state legislature, the California Journalism Preservation Act (CJPA), that would require Google to pay a link tax to publishers by testing removing links to California based publishers and pausing investments in news publishers within the state.

Google Changes: Liz Reid New Head Of Search, Pandu Nayak Steps Down As Search Quality & Rankings Lead

Published on 2024/03/19 By admin

Google announced some executive changes last night with Liz Reid being named the new head of Google Search. Pandu Nayak stepped down as the lead of search quality and ranking.

Google Ad Revenue Up 11% & Bing Ads Revenue Up 8%

Published on 2024/01/31 By admin

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising revenue were up this past quarter, year over year. Google ad revenue was up 11% and Microsoft Advertising revenue was up 8%. The previous earnings, Google ad revenue was up 9.5% and Microsoft ad revenue was up 10%.

An SEO guide to optimizing your Google Publisher Center account

Published on 2023/08/30 By admin

You see Google News surfaces every day. Top stories carousels, the Google news tab, site or app

Google fixes Google News indexing bug

Published on 2023/07/14 By admin

Google has confirmed it fixed the ongoing issue with Google News indexing . This resulted in many publishers seeing massive traffic declines from Google News for a three-week period, starting around June 21st. The update.

Google confirms bug with Google News impacting publisher traffic

Published on 2023/07/10 By admin

Google has confirmed an issue with indexing content from news publishers and surfacing that content in Google News. Google said it is working to fix the issue but the issue may result in a decrease in traffic from Google News.

Google no longer recommends canonical tags for syndicated content

Published on 2023/05/03 By admin

Google now says the canonical link element is not recommended for syndicated content; instead, block the syndicated content from being accessed to avoid duplication. Google posted this new piece of information in this help document over here . What’s new.

How to master Google News optimization to boost content visibility and traffic

Published on 2023/03/30 By admin

Let’s set the record straight. Google News optimization is not only for news sites.

Subscribe with Google publishers may see an increase in clicks and impressions from Google Search

Published on 2022/12/08 By admin

Publishers using the Subscribe with Google feature may see an increase in the reported clicks and impressions within the Google Search Console search performance report.